How it Works

DosePacker is the first automatic multi-dose dispensing robot in its class designed to automate and simplify your pharmacy operations by providing streamlined multi-dose dispensing, helping increase the productivity of your pharmacy.

The DosePacker machine is customized to your pharmacy needs and preferences. Our implementation team configures DosePacker to your pharmacy specifications and workflow and stays on-site to implement, train, and help your team to adapt to the DosePacker Ecosystem.

  • DosePacker arrives fully assembled.
  • Slim profile, built to fit through standard doors
  • Designed to handle the modern pharmacy setting.
  • Holds 512 medications for maximum utilization of workspace.
  • Operates through a tablet, laptop, or desktop for a fast and flexible operation.
  • Automatically dispenses up to 25 multi-dose blister packs per hour and four multi-dose bubble packs at a time, nearly doubling a single technician.
  • Integrates with our pharmacy software and our browser-based interface.

DosePacker’s patent-pending design works with gravitation, as opposed to air suction, that funnels and
dispenses medications with no complex component resources. This lowers maintenance fees and
mitigates the issues such as clogged air filters, 'jumped pills' and more.

step 2

Appropriate dose is dispensed
from an array of over 512
universal drug cartridges
in the Drug Dispenser.

step 4

Medications are dispensed into
the pre-fill trays and then into blister packs.

step 6

Customized labels are printed for
every bubble pack with its
unique ID number. Our system
matches the number from the touchscreen
interface for an error-free labeling.

step 1

Prescription data is transferred from
the front-end software to DosePacker.

step 3

Exception medications are manually
added into the fill tray.
Our manual fill drawer stores the
trays for an automated drug dispensing.

step 5

Each slot in the drug dispenser
is checked for error detection. The erroneous
packs are moved to the Manual Verification
station for human intervention while the
errorless packs are moved to the printer
for customized labeling.

step 7

The processed packs are
heat-sealed and now ready
for verification. The pharmacist
may now verify the pack to
complete the cycle.

DosePacker is equipped with canisters and universal canister ports designed to simplify medication management. Each canister is labeled with RFID tags that automatically transmits specific drug information to the machine. No input is required to match the canister with the canister port, giving your staff the flexibility to manage medication inventory.

Our Smart Technology alerts the technician when a medication needs to be refilled with both a screen alert and a visual identification on the machine. The empty canister is easily identified with an indicator light by the canister for immediate identification, saving your staff valuable time.